Elementary Mathematics from an Advanced Standpoint

From now on we will feature a different book every month that is likely to be of interest to secondary teachers wanting to know more about mathematics. We have made the decision to use this feature to bring older books to the attention of a new generation of teachers (rather than to add to recent book promotions). All books must therefore be older than 10 years.
For our first featured book we turn to Felix Klein’s original works that stimulated the Klein Project, his three volume work Elementary Mathematics from an Advanced Standpoint. Only two volumes have been published in English, although all three are available in German, and have been published in Portuguese. It is exactly ten years since Dover reprinted the English versions.
These books are essentially Klein’s own notes for a series of lectures he gave to graduates of mathematics preparing to become teachers in the gymnasium’s of the time. Of course, Klein’s books discuss mathematics that is more than 100 years old (they were first published in German in 1908), but remain extraordinarily relevant for today’s world.

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